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The Japanese Festival at Missouri Botanical will be held September 3 through September 5th, 


Look for to seeing you there!

As one of the largest and longest-running festivals of its kind in the United States, the Garden’s Japanese Festival welcomes dozens of performers and thousands of visitors from across the nation for a thrilling celebration of Japanese music, art, dance, food, and entertainment.






Designs by Professor Yoshiko Mitchell

      For more than 60 years, Ikebana International St. Louis Chapter #3 has celebrated "Friendship Through Flowers."


Our objectives:

  • To stimulate, cultivate and perpetuate the study of Ikebana  by presenting demonstrations and mounting public exhibitions;       

  • To explore the related arts and culture of Japanese life;

  • To promote better understanding among people and nations.

   Ikebana International, St. Louis Chapter #3 is open to anyone interested in sharing our objectives.  See Contact page.


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