Designs by Professor Yoshiko Mitchell


      For more than 60 years, Ikebana International St. Louis Chapter #3 has celebrated "Friendship Through Flowers."


Our objectives:

  • To stimulate, cultivate and perpetuate the study of Ikebana  by presenting demonstrations and mounting public exhibitions;       

  • To explore the related arts and culture of Japanese life;

  • To promote better understanding among people and nations.

   Ikebana International, St. Louis Chapter #3 is open to anyone interested in sharing our objectives.  See Contact page.


What's New?

   Mark your calendars to attend the 2019 Japanese Festival  at Missouri Botanical Gardens on Labor Day weekend, Saturday August 31st , Sunday September 1st and Monday September 2nd.  Come see us in the Orthwein Hall where we will have Ikebana arrangements on display.  On Saturday and Sunday afternoon we will have members demonstrating different types of floral design. We will also be doing hands on small arrangements.  Hope to see you there!