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Learning the Art of Ikenobo

    Many Ikebana International St. Louis Chapter #3 members participate in-depth study of Ikenobo Ikebana. Ikenobo is the oldest and original Ikebana school, having a history of more than 600 years of service and study. (For more information about Ikebana and the various schools now in practice, visit the website of Ikebana International Headquarters,

    Classes with Professor Yoshiko Mitchell are held twice monthly, and every year joins the Ikebana Ikenobo Society in a day-long workshop. These classes are taught by a visiting professor, trained in Japan and chosen by Ikebana International Headquarters.

    In most classes, a design type or several types are demonstrated by the professor. After that, all students create

an arrangement, then each student receives an individual critique from the teacher while other students watch, learning from each other.

    At right, Professor Mayumi Chino visited us from Japan.. She demonstrated a number of different Shoka arrangements, 

which are shown at far right. Students then each created their own Shoka Shimputai.

   Last year, below, Prof. Kiyoshi Imagawa conducted our

annual session. As students watched he created the

lovely floral arrangement at the right of him.

Shoka Shimputai arrangements created by our Chapter members during the workshop.

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